Every day of each month comes with its own unique sets of opportunities. What separates the everyday marketer from the exceptional ones is the ability to spot these opportunities and take massive advantage of them. They stay steps ahead of the game by knowing what lies ahead and preparing for it.

A video content calendar makes the whole planning process easy for you and helps you stand out from the competition.

In this blog, we have done the legwork for you so you can know what to expect every day of November and tailor your video content to match the opportunities with full force!

What’s more?

We have included a free calendar template at the end of this article to help you plan, like the mastermind that you are. Also, we will be making more updates every month, so be sure to keep your eyes open!

Interesting enough? Let’s hop into it!

A November to Remember – A List of Daily Events for November 2019

Although it kicks off really slowly, the month of November brims with a lot of events that spell great chances for businesses to step into the limelight.

Over 50 billion dollars was spent in the U.S. alone during 2018’s Black Friday! Every other day has its own gold mine of campaign opportunities. Some of these events are just weird, some are enlightening, and some are funny. Nevertheless, you can be sure that there are people all over the world, paying attention and celebrating these days as they come, and that makes for an excellent marketing opportunity.

So, here they are!

November 1

  • All Saint’s Day
  • World Vegan Day
  • Day of the Dead
  • Scented Candle Day

November 2

  • All Soul’s Day
  • Day of the Dead (Second Day/End)
  • International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
  • Cookie Monster Day

November 3

  • World Sandwich Day
  • Housewife’s Day
  • World Jellyfish Day

November 4

  • Check your Blood Pressure Day
  • King Tut’s Day
  • Use Your Common Sense Day

November 5

  • Fireworks Night
  • World Tsunami Awareness Day
  • Commercial T.V Broadcast Day

November 6

  • Saxophone Day
  • International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
  • No Compass Day
  • International Stress Awareness Day
  • Nachos Day

November 7

  • International Stout Day
  • Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
  • Men Make Dinner Day

November 8

  • Abet and Aid Punsters Day
  • Cappuccino Day
  • World X-Ray Day
  • World Town Planning Day
  • Cook Something Bold Day

November 9

  • Wine Tourism Day
  • World Freedom Day

November 10

  • Area Code Day
  • International Accounting Day
  • Tongue Twister Day
  • Vanilla Cupcake Day
  • World Science Day for Peace and Development

November 11

  • Singles’ Day
  • World Orphan’s Day

November 12

  • Happy Hour Day
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day
  • World Pneumonia Day

November 13

  • Actors’ Day
  • World Kindness Day

November 14

  • International Girls Day
  • World Diabetes Day
  • World Quality Day

November 15

  • Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
  • International Stand Up to Bullying Day
  • Steve Irwin Day

November 16

  • International Day of Tolerance
  • International Games Day
  • Button Day

November 17

  • International Students’ Day
  • World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
  • World Peace Day
  • World Prematurity Day

November 18

  • Mickey Mouse Day
  • Apple Cider Day

November 19

  • International Men’s Day
  • Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day
  • World Toilet Day
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

November 20

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Universal Children’s Day
  • Globally Organized Hug a Runner Day (G.O.H.A.R.D)

November 21

  • World Television Day
  • World Hello Day
  • World Philosophy Day
  • World Pancreatic Cancer Day
  • Social Enterprise Day

November 22

  • Humane Society Anniversary Day
  • Flossing Day
  • Go For a Ride Day

November 23

  • Doctor Who Day
  • Espresso Day
  • Adoption Day
  • International Aura Awareness Day
  • Cashew Day

November 24

  • Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
  • Evolution Day
  • Sardines Day
  • Brownielocks/ Big Hair Day

November 25

  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • Shopping Reminder Day
  • Parfait Day

November 26

  • Cake Day
  • Anti-Obesity Day

November 27

  • Blackout Wednesday
  • Bavarian Cream Pie
  • Family Caregivers Day

November 28

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • French Toast Day

November 29

  • Black Friday
  • Maize Day
  • Fur Free Friday
  • Sinkie Day
  • Day of Listening
  • Chocolate Day

November 30

  • Perpetual Youth Day
  • Computer Security Day
  • Small Business Saturday

Themes for November—Observances of the Month

As already shown above, every day of the month is packed with activities. Indeed, most of these activities are under the umbrella of several themes governing the month of November.

Here is a list of themes for the month. These themes have been used by marketers to spearhead marketing campaigns, and you can always do the same!

Let’s hop into it.

  • Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month
  • Greens and Plantains Month
  • Movember
  • Healthy Skin Month
  • Diabetes Month
  • Adoption Month
  • Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month
  • World Vegan Month
  • Family Stories Month

Find out more here.

Themes for November—Weekly Observances

Here is a list of weekly observances that occur during November.

  • World Communication Week (November 1-7)
  • Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (November 6-12)
  • Give Wildlife A Brake! Week (November 7-11)
  • International Fraud Awareness Week (November 20-26)
  • World Kindness Week: 8-15

Find out more here. Also, here’s a giant compilation.

While it is impossible to cover all the everyday events that occur in each country of the world, the compilation above is good enough to get you to work.

Solid Video Ideas to keep you Ahead of the November Rush

If you’re a deep well of ideas, coming up with concepts wouldn’t be a problem for you. However, for some people, coming up with video content ideas can be a little challenging, what with all the distractions that pop up here and there.

However, to help you get started, here are some good ideas you can borrow as you plan your video content creation calendar for November.

Fun Facts

Fun facts are always a great way to hook your audience. Make a little research about some fun facts that relate to each particular day and work them into a video using a sleek video editor.


Show your audience how to do specific things in commemoration of the day. For example, on Sinkie Day, you can talk about how to unclog a kitchen sink using baking Soda and vinegar.

On this Day in History

This is more like fun facts, but it deals with the particular date in question. You can make a slideshow of some historical things that happened on that specific day.

You can get information like this with a simple Google search, or you can check here as well.

To spice it up, you can also throw in some “Famous Birthdays” to reveal famous people born on that specific day. You can find famous birthdays for any day here.

Fun Quotes

You can creatively work fun quotes to suit each day in order to entertain your audience and set them in the mood for some action.

You can find fun quotes here.

Pro Tips to help you Make Effective Videos!

  • Never forget your Call To Actions— Always remember to insert your C.T.As at strategic, less annoying places. However, consider this: if you were your audience, would you be happy to see C.T.As littered all over the place? Probably not!
  • Keep your Video Informative— Just stay low on fluff. Your viewers will only keep watching if there’s actual content to watch!
  • Hooks!— Try to be creative, Being too formal can be boring. Use punchlines if you can, be witty, be motivational. However, moderation is always key.
  • Keep your Eyes on your Competitors— Believe me, they’re watching you too. Find out what they’re doing and do better if you can.

To help you stay ahead, we have made a video content calendar with a few example lines. This is to help you make your content creation plans with ease.

Parting Words

We’re two months away from the end of 2019, and it is natural for businesses to get very intense. With all the events sprawled across the month, it is indeed a crazy month. However, with adequate planning, you will be on the safe sides of the competition.

With the compilation we’ve made, along with the video content calendar, you can be sure that you will be very busy throughout November. And not just busy, you will be productive.

Be sure to check out Animotica, our simple, yet superb, video editing software.



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