Crop Your Video and Photo Clips the Easy Way!

Would you like to crop your videos and photos to make them perfect for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.? Stop stressing, CropiPIC is all you need!

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More Than Just an Average Cropping Tool

Easily crop your photos and videos for your favorite social media platforms. Make them pop with charming colors, soothing music, and special effects, all in a few clicks! Other cropping tools are good, but CropiPIC has raised the bar!


Crop and rotate video or photo

Trim video from the beginning/end

Add music and adjust sound on your video

Apply special effects on videos and photos

Adjust video resolution and quality

Change aspect ratio of your video or photo

Change background of your video or photo

Add your watermark on your video or photo

Stop waiting! Start cropping! CropiPIC

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Best for

Uploading content to social networks

Uploading videos and photos to social networks

Every social media platform has its recommended aspect ratio. CropiPIC takes away the guess work with its ratio tool. Now you can easily make your clips perfect for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more!

Reducing the size of a video clip

Reducing the size of a video clip

You can adjust the size of your video by adjusting the resolution to enable faster upload to social media, email, etc. This also saves space on your computer.

Simple video editing

Simple video editing tasks

With CropiPIC, you can perform simple editing tweaks on your video or photo. This includes trimming, special effects, shapes, background music, etc.


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What can you do with CropicPic:

- Trim your mp4 video from the beginning or end;

- Use blur background for your video or photo;

- Crop and rotate video or photo;

- Zoom in or out your video, fit the frame, flip;

- Apply video effects;

- Mix audio and video;

- Change the aspect ratio will to post the entire photo or video to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or IGTV without cropping and sacrificing the quality;

- Crop video or photo using embedded custom shapes;

- Adjust video position, resize, rotate, scale and fill;

- Add your own brand or channel watermark on your video or photo, customize it;


Stop waiting! Start cropping! CropiPIC

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