At Mixilab, we’re constantly working on modern, exciting, and fun products that make life easier for our users across the world.  

But here’s a little back story on how we came up with our latest project. 

Research by Psychological Science showed that it takes just 40 milliseconds to draw up a judgment on someone based on their photograph. That’s over twice as fast as an eye blink! 

Choosing a profile picture is a struggle everyone can relate to. At Mixilab, it was one of our weirdest struggles. 

Nobody likes a boring profile picture. You will likely struggle to attract and influence your target audience if you have one. 

Some people can create excellent profile pictures using high-end editing tools. But what happens when you don’t have any editing skills?—and yes, some of us at Mixilab suck at photo editing. 

So, to scratch our own itch and help ourselves create exciting profile pictures consistently, we decided to turn to Artificial Intelligence.  

Our experimentation with AI led to the birth of our newest rockstar project: Needless to say, we’re super proud of what we’ve accomplished! 

What is

It is a free AI profile picture maker that can help you create eye-catching profile pictures in just a few minutes. 

How does it work? Through the power of artificial intelligence, systematically removes existing image backgrounds and affords you a wide array of alternatives. It’s not just about removing and substituting backgrounds; you can revamp your image with handy filters and other handy features. 

Best of all, is undemanding and user-friendly. The whole process, available via your web browser, takes just a few minutes, meaning you can create excellent profile photos whenever and wherever.

How to Create Profile Pictures with 

Creating a profile picture with is as easy as snapping your fingers. It takes just five steps and requires no software installation. The only thing you’ll be downloading is your final output. 

It is also important to note that or Mixilab does not keep your pictures in any database. The system automatically deletes your images immediately after processing them. is 100% privacy-compliant. Thus, we also do not collect or keep track of your facial data. 

Without further delay, let’s walk you through the process! 

Step 1: Go to Main Screen Main Screen

Visit using your preferred desktop or mobile internet browser. Once you land on the page, click Upload Your Photo, as shown in the screenshot above. 

Step 2: Choose a Photo Choose a Photo Choose a Photo

You will be taken to your device’s storage area. Navigate to where you’ve stored your picture, select it, and wait a few seconds to upload. is compatible with all popular image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .png, .pjp, .webp, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff) 

Tip: Choosing high-quality portrait images with good lighting and a contrasting background is advisable for best results. Also, the AI is trained to recognize a human. So, ensure your picture contains an actual person as shown below: 

Examples of pictures that you can edit with
Examples of images that can be edited with

Step 3: Adjust Your Photo 

Adjust Photo 
Adjust Photo 

Here, you can adjust the position of the image by dragging it in your preferred direction. You can also zoom in and zoom out by changing the Zoom slider. The rotate slider also allows you to rotate the image if you want to. 

If you’re using a mobile device, you can drag or pinch the photo to adjust it how you want. 

Afterward, hit Next and give the system time to do some magic. 

Tip: If you can’t find the Zoom and Rotate sliders, zoom out your desktop’s browser screen to 90%. 

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred Style 

Choose your Preferred Style
Choose your Preferred Style

After a few seconds of rendering, will generate several outputs, each with a different background color and filter. You can scroll through the sections to find the one that appeals to you. 

There’s a good number of things you can do at this point. 

First, you can choose a different canvas/frame for the outputs. To do this, click any of the four shapes as shown below. 

Choose Canvas
Choose Canvas 

Secondly, you can edit your picture for a more personalized experience. To do this, hover over the desired image and click the pencil icon. 

Edit Picture
Edit Picture 

With the edit function, you will get direct access to all the tools you need to modify the picture. These include: 

Editing Options
Editing Options 
  • Canvas: For changing the picture’s frame.
  • Transform: For adjusting the position, zooming in and out, and rotating the image.
  • Background: For changing the background color. You can choose a solid color, gradient, palette, and more. 
  • Filter: For applying visual effects to the image, there are currently 17 filters available on This should be enough to get you started. 
  • Outline: For making changes to the outline on your image. You can toggle it on or off and change its color, thickness, and style. 
  • Shadow: For adding shadows to your image.
  • Border: For making changes to the border on the image. You can toggle it on or off, change its color, and adjust its thickness. 
  • Layers: For overlaying a different image on an existing one.

Step 5: Download Your Image or Save it as a Template 

Download PFP
Download PFP 

Once you’re satisfied with your final result, you will need to download it. Tap on the arrow down icon as shown above. 

Wait a few seconds, and your new profile picture will be downloaded to your system. 

What Does the Future Hold for 

We’re excited to share the latest updates from Among these is developing a feature that allows you to save your edited images as custom templates. 

Creating custom templates can be a game-changer, especially for businesses. With uniform design formats for all team members’ photos, you’ll foster a robust brand identity and save significant time creating captivating profile pictures. 

Wondering how you can create a custom template in less than a minute? Check out our handy guide here

And remember, profile pictures spruced up with can be polished off with a professional finish across all your favorite platforms, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, or Trello.

If LinkedIn is your go-to platform, you might find our specific guide on crafting a professional LinkedIn photo useful. And if you want to create a unique profile picture for YouTube, don’t miss our dedicated guide. 

With, we aim to revolutionize the way profile pictures are created and help people personalize their profiles using empowering AI technology. If you love what we do, please share our free tool with others.  

We have created various short guides that cover specific profile picture tasks and use cases. You can find them below:

We can’t wait to help you transform your images!