Today, we will help you make the best choice by reviewing 3 of the best video editing software in Microsoft Store.

Rumored to have over 35 million apps, Microsoft Store stands as one of the biggest app stores on the internet. That said, you would expect to see a ton of video editing software on the platform, enough to make you go crazy when trying to make a choice.

So, we will make our best picks based on the following pointers:

  • Public review score
  • Number of downloads
  • Interface and user experience
  • Features and
  • Processing speed

Are you ready? Let’s jump right into it!

Microsoft Store’s Best Video Editing Software

Before we proceed, please note that Microsoft Store houses its recommended video editors in two categories (or ‘collections’), namely: Make Movie Magic and Best Photo and Video Editing Apps.

We will be drawing our best video editors from these two collections. Without further ado, let’s proceed!

HD Movie Maker – PRO

HD Movie Maker PRO
HD Movie Maker – PRO

HD Movie Maker-PRO is a simple, video editor suitable for complete beginners. It provides basic and fairly advanced editing features needed for simple to mid-level video editing projects. Such features include trimming and splitting, captions, green screen, transitions, overlays, etc., which are available for a one-time purchase of $14.99.

HD Movie Maker-PRO, however, does not have a help center or tutorial to help users learn how to use the software properly.

Review Score: 4.4 Stars (839 reviews)

Number of Downloads: Unknown

Interface and User Experience: The interface is clean and simple but lacks a drag-and-drop functionality.

Features: Trim, add music, split, join, speed, transitions, photo filters, overlays, etc.

Processing Speed: Average.

Crazy Video Maker 2

Crazy Video Maker 2
Crazy Video Maker 2

Crazy Video Maker 2 is an innovative video editor with impressive effects for fun videos. It is also easy to use and packs some great features. Some of the features you’ll find on the app include trim, split, rotate, drawing pen, Chroma Key, background music, and more.

In addition to this, Crazy Video Maker 2 has a screen recorder and supports drag and drop functionality.

But just like HD Movie Maker – PRO, Crazy Video Maker 2 does not have a known blog or help center for guides and tutorials. Thus, users are left to learn and master using the app all by themselves.

The video editor offers its basic features for free, along with a watermark. To get rid of the watermark, you can purchase the app for a one-time fee of $17.

Review Score: 4.4 Stars (299 reviews)

Number of Downloads: Unknown

Interface and User Experience: The interface looks dated, but features are easily found.

Features: Drawing pen, trim, split, Chroma Key, transitions, overlays, etc.

Processing Speed: Average.


Animotica Video Editor

Animotica started out as an easy-to-use alternative to Windows Movie Maker. But over the years, it has improved in its features and usability, gaining massive traction with 5 million users and ultimately being in the same league with some of the popular video editors on the internet.

The software offers basic features like trimming, splitting, music, etc., along with more advanced features like Green Screen, Ken Burns Effect, 3D LUTs, overlays, and more.

It does offer its basic features for free but charges a one-time fee of $15.99 for its FULL PRO and $6.99 for its LIGHT version.

Unlike HD Movie Maker-PRO and Crazy Video Maker 2, Animotica has a vast blog and social media presence with hundreds of guides to help users create stunning video projects with the software.

Review Score: 4.4 Stars (2000 reviews)

Number of Downloads: 5 million+

Interface and User Experience: Uses a smooth, modern interface and offers drag-and-drop functionality.

Features: Splitting, trimming, cutting, merging, Chroma Key, Ken Burns, 3D LUTs, etc.

Processing Speed: Fast due to the incorporation of proxy files.

Verdict: Which is the Best Video Editing Software in Microsoft Store?

Having discussed the top 3 video editing apps in Microsoft Store with our focus on the pointers listed above, it is pretty easy to know which app to rank the highest.

The best video editing software on this list is Animotica.

This is because it has gotten an impressive amount of feedback from serving over 5 million users. Also, Animotica is dedicated to helping its users become better video editing professionals by offering insightful tutorials on how to create different types of videos.

Budget-wise, you can see that Animotica charges relatively reasonably. It offers features that are unavailable on HD Movie Maker – PRO and Crazy Video Maker 2, at almost the same price.

Its processing speed has also improved dramatically following its recent introduction of proxy video editing.

The software also offers quick tools without a watermark to help you trim, reverse, stabilize, and do much more to your videos for free.

Animotica Quick Tools
Animotica Quick Tools

You can try Animotica for free by hitting the button below.

Download Animotica


A good video editor tries to strike a balance between usability, feature endowment, and budget. And ever since the end of Windows Movie Maker, several alternative video editors have shown up on Microsoft Store.

The ones we reviewed are featured in Microsoft’s collection because they’re among the most popular on the platform.

Ultimately, we hope that this guide gave you the information you needed.